It’s finally time for the Stanley Cup playoffs!

The following match series going on right now :

Colorado Avalanche – Minnesota Wild
St . Louis Blues – Chicago Blackhawks
Anaheim Ducks – Dallas Stars
San Jose Sharks – Los Angeles Kings
Boston Bruins – Detroit Red Wings
Tampa Bay Lightning – Montreal Canadiens
Pittsburgh Penguins – Columbus Blue Jackets
New York Rangers – Philadelphia Flyers

There are a few great destinations to travel to if you would like to experience the NHL play offs 2014 live. Even if you want to see the next round of the playoffs. Since we have three teams from California and two of them play against each other , we can guarantee that at least one team from California also plays in the next round. It’s San Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings and even the other team from Los Angeles could go through,. Anaheim.

In the New York area, New York Rangers play Philadelphia Flyers so  you will be able to watch live ice hockey in New York or nearby even in the next round. A drive between the two cities usually takes just over two hours and it is of course also lots of trains between cities.

We will help you to book your NHL playoff trip today!

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