Give away an experience this Christmas

Are you struggling to find the right gifts for friends and family again? Why not give away a gift card towards a live experience this year?

We can arrange travel packages to sporting and music events from under £200 per person, as well as more luxurious packages that may cost a couple of grand.   The amount you give away is entirely up to you.

The person with the gift voucher can then get in touch with us and we will start looking at suitable trips together with them. We have travel packages to thousands of events every year. This includes everything from concerts in all major cities around the world to all top football (soccer) leagues around the world or American sporting events such as NBA, NHL, NFL etc.
How to order a gift card for

1. Fill in the form here
2. Click proceed
3. We will send the gift voucher and an invoice via email immediately.
4. The gift voucher will become valid as soon as we receive your payment. Should we not receive your payment before the deadline stated on the invoice it will automatically get cancelled.

The voucher is valid for 24 months from the date of the order.


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