Imagine Dragons European Tour 2015

Imagine Dragons is one of the most favorite and successful rock band nowadays. The band was founded in Las Vegas in 2008 and gained exposure after several years of its musical career. The second album of Imagine Dragons “Smoke + Mirrors” was released on February 2015 and the band will go on European tour with the newly released album.

In 2009 the rock band members worked hard on theirs first plate «Imagine Dragons» which appeared on the 1st of February 2009. Another plate under name of «Hell and Silence» was released a few months later. After that, the band received concert offers almost immediately, the first of which was Bite festival in Las Vegas. Later, one of the leading music magazines of Las Vegas honored the group as “Best album of 2011”. The same year Imagine Dragons signed contract with one of the best labels of the United States, Interscope Records.

Two first extended plays of Imagine Dragons were released in 2010: Imagine Dragons EP and Hell and Silence EP, Grammy nominee Mark Needham also took part in it.  The third extended play ‘It’s Time’ was released in 2011. The first studio album of Imagine Dragons ‘Night Visions’ appeared in 2012, on September 4th. The album was produced by the band members and by a British hip-hop producer, Alex Da Kid.

The album took a second place almost immediately in one of the most popular country charts, Billboard 200. One of its songs «It’s Time» took top places in several charts. Another hit of Imagine Dragons – “Radioactive” become the most successful and went straight to number one on Swedish music charts and was over a year on the US Billboard, thus making it the longest running single on the Billboard ever.

The 2015 tour will go through Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, England, Ireland and Italy. We are looking forward to a sensational concert in Stockholm at Ericsson Globe on October 21, 2015. Want to joins us to watch live Imagine Dragons? Send a booking request and we will make all necessary travel arrangements for your trip!


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