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US Major League Baseball – a sport organization that unites professional baseball teams in North America. The league was formed in 2000 after merging National League and American League. Major League Baseball along with National Football League (American Football), National Basketball League (Basketball) and National Hockey League ( Ice Hockey) forms the “big four” of the most popular professional sport leagues in the USA.

30 baseball teams are included into the MLB: 29 are from the USA and 1 team is from Canada. Meanwhile, historical division into two leagues (National and American League) remained with some differences in rules. NL and AL, in turn, are divided into three divisions each – East, Central and West.

MLB season consists of Spring training, Regular season, Wild Card Game, Division Series, Championship Series and World Series.

Spring trainings or “pre-season games” are held from mid- February to the end of March. Spring games are a good opportunity for players to prepare to the season and for coaches to look closer to newcomers. Friendly matches of Spring training attract numerous spectators. Teams from the Eastern states of the country spend Spring training in Florida (often called “Grapefruit League”) and Western – in Arizona (“Cactus League”).

MLB Regular season runs from the end of March – beginning of April to the end of September. Every team of the league plays 162 games, grouped in series of three matches (sometimes two or four) against one rival. Most of the games are held among teams belonging to the same league (NL or AL) but every team meets with rivals from other leagues twenty times per season (interleague play).

All-Star Game is held in the middle of the regular season (mid-July). That is a spectacular baseball match where national teams of National and American leagues meet. The team which wins the All-Star Game gets an advantage of home stadium during the World Series.

The regular MLB season starts on April 5, 2015. Travel to New York to follow New York Yankees – the most titled AL baseball team.

New York Yankees – Los Angeles Angels, 05 June 2015, New York, Yankee Stadium. Book it, click here!

New York Yankees – Miami Marlins, 18 June 2015, New York, Yankee Stadium. Book it, click here!

New York Mets – Chicago Cubs, 01 July 2015, New York, Shea Stadium. Book it, click here!

New York Mets – Los Angeles Dodgers, 25 July 2015, New York, Shea Stadium. Book it, click here!

Check other events in New York in 2015 – click here.

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