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Unlimited Fighting Championship is a sport organization which is in charge of Mixed Martial Arts with its headquarters in Las Vegas. UFC history started with a single tournament in Denver, 1993. The purpose of the first tournament was to identify the most effective fighting arts. In 2001, owners of US casino chain received a license for this kind of sport and started active commercial campaign to promote the sport in the United States.

In 2007, the UFC bought Pride Fighting Championships, the Japanese fighting organization with mixed rules and became the world’s leading promoter in this sport. Nowadays, most of the world’s famous fighters perform under UFC and fights are being broadcasted in more than one hundred countries. Current basis of UFC fight rules was originally approved by sports management of New Jersey State. De facto, these rules are standard for MMA fighters who do not belong to UFC.

Length of UFC round is five minutes. The number of rounds in one fight is negotiated individually. There are usually 5 rounds in the fight for the championship belt and three rounds for simple fights. A brake between rounds is one minute. UFC has five weight categories, from light (66-70 kilograms) to heavy (93-120 kilograms). One of peculiarities of UFC fights is a cage or “The octagon”, which is installed at a height of 1.2 meters above floor level and has a diameter of 9.75 meters.

UFC rules prohibit head-butting, groin attacks, hair pulling, biting, eye-gouging, fish-hooking, throwing an opponent out of the cage etc. and other unsportsmanship behavior.

The sport organization has no plans to slow down expansion of the international market. Thus, 23 out of 45 planned tournaments in 2015 will be held out of the USA.

You have a great chance to book travel packages to MMA UFC in the next cities in 2015:

UFC fight night Cormier vs Bader, June 6 – New Orleans, USA

UFC 188 Velasquez vs Werdum, June 13 – Mexico City, Mexico

UFC fight night Gustafsson vs Teixeira, June 20 – Berlin, Germany

UFC 189 Aldo vs McGregor, July 11 – Las Vegas, Nevada

UFC fight night TBA vs TBA, July 15 – San Diego, USA

UFC fight night TBA vs TBA, July 18 – Glasgow, Scotland

UFC fight night TBA vs TBA, July 25 – Chicago, USA

UFC 190 Rousey vs Correia, August 1 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

UFC fight night TBA vs TBA, August 8 – Nashville, USA UFC 192 TBA vs TBA, October 3 – Houston, USA UFC 193 TBA vs TBA, November 14 – TBA

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