Paris – Concerts that we recommend

Paris is always ready to offer various entertainment programs to visitors. Tourists from different parts of the world come to Paris to admire its museums, music and theatre. Thousands of events are held in the metropolitan city every year which attracts millions of visitors and residents of the French capital.

We at Nickes.Com made a selection of top concert and events held in Paris in 2015.

AC/DC – Stade de France, 2015-05-23. Send request, click here!

Maroon 5 – Zenith, 2015-05-24. Send request, click here!

Roxette – L’Olympia, 2015-05-26. Send request, click here!

Kiss – Zenith, 2015-06-16. Send request, click here!

ZZ Top – Zenith, 2015-06-26. Send request, click here!

The Who – Zenith, 2015-06-28/29. Send request, click here!

Imagine Dragons – Zenith, 2015-11-02. Send request, click here!

Nickelback – Zenith, 2015-11-08. Send request, click here!

U2 – Bercy, 2015-11-10/11/14/15. Send request, click here!

Madonna, Omnisports de Bercy, 2015-12-09. Send request, click here!

David Guetta, Omnisports de Bercy, 2015-12-18. Send request, click here!

Once you are in Paris we recommend you to visit Cabaret – spectacular show which is as famous as The Eifel Tower. The most popular Cabarets in Paris are Le Moulin Rouge, Lido and Crazy Horse. Shows are exclusive and attract tourists by its performances, designer clothes, staging and lovely actresses. Alongside with regular Cabaret tickets you may book dinner from the Chef and champagne to enjoy the show on full.

You have a wide choice of concerts and events in Paris this year. We also offer football trips and tennis trips to Paris. You have a great opportunity to watchFrench Open live or visit matches of PSG or any other French football club.

Visiting couple events during one trips will save your money and bring more fun and lifetime memories. Send us a booking request and we will arrange the best travel package to Paris for you.

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