Explore Nice Metropole by Le Tour de France

Race: 15000D+

Where: Nice, France

When: June 8 – June 14, 2015

Participants of 15000D+: the race gather together amateur racers eager to explore beauties of the city of Nice and its surroundings. The altitude sport event is more than just a race – it is a challenged for Explorers to test theirs level of training, set personal goals and a good opportunity to advance practical cycling skills.

The new adventure should be interested for amateur racers who would like to discover the premium edition of the Nice cycling race Explore Métropole 2015. The sport event offers to all cycling lovers a racing week in June around Nice Metropolis and mountains passes. The ambition of the event is to experience Tour de France preparations of the greatest champions and to support Explorers to achieve goals which they set themselves.

Package price:

  • 1945€ per Explorer in a Twin room
  • 2245€ per Explorer in a Single room

Included into package:

  • Full-board catering from Monday to Sunday morning including
  • A Tour de France type roadbook for all Explorers
  • Participation of former Tour de France champions to help every Explorer to reach the next level
  • Tour de France conferences organized at night around different topics
  • Tour de France animations during the whole week
  • Presence of osteopaths to help Explorers to recover after incredible stages
  • 1 Explore Nice Métropole by Le Tour de France technical jersey
  • 1 Explore Nice Métropole by Le Tour de France travel bag
  • Food supplies during each stage from Monday to Sunday
  • Medical assistance for each stage from Monday to Sunday
  • Mechanical assistance for each stage from Monday to Sunday
  • Timing of one mountain pass per day, from Monday to Friday
  • Timing of the entire stage on Saturday
  • Timing of the time-trial on Sunday
  • Award ceremony every day, as well as at the end of the weekend

Not included into the package:

  • All insurances proposed by the organization
  • All transportation from/to the start/end of the adventure
  • Saturday and Sunday lunch in Nice
  • All other personal expenses

The route

 Stage n°1 (15000D+)

Date: Monday, June 8th

Nice – Allianz Riviera > Isola Village

Distance: 118,7km / Altitude: 3 032 D+

Route / Sporting difficulties: Colomars > Aspremont > Saint-Blaise > Levens > ascent of the Duranus (508m) > Valley of the Vésubie > Madone d’Utelle (1 168m – timed distance) > Valley of la Tinée

Stage n°2 (15000D+)

Date: Tuesday, June 9th

Auron – Station center > Valdieri – Thermes

Distance: 101,2 km / Altitude: 2 900m D+

Route / Sporting difficulties: Isola > Col de la Lombarde (2343m – timed distance) > Vinadio > col de la Madone del Colletto (1257m) >Valdieri > Thermes de Valdieri (1400m).

Stage n°3 (15000D+)

Date: Wednesday, June 10th

Valdieri – Thermes > Auron – Station center

Distance: 101,2 km / Altitude: 3 095m D+

Route / Sporting difficulties: Thermes of Valdieri > Col de la Madone del Colletto (1257m) > Vinadio > col de la Lombarde (2 343m – timed distance) > Isola > Ascent of Auron (1591m).

Stage n°4 (15000D+ & 7000D+)

Date: Thursday, June 11th

Saint-Etienne de Tinée – Parking > Col de la Bonette – Cime – Time trial

Distance: 25,2 km / Altitude: 1 699m D+

Route / Sporting difficulties: ascent of the col de la Bonette (2 816m – timed distance) – Highest cycling road of Europe

Stage n°5 (15000D+ & 7000D+)

Date: Friday, June 12th

Auron – Station center > Vence – Place du marché

Distance: 137,4 km / Altitude: 2900m D+

Route / Sporting difficulties: Auron > Saint-Sauveur sur Tinée > Roubion > Col de la Couillole (1 661m – timed discante) > Beuil > Puget-Théniers > Col de Saint-Raphaël (875 m) > Roquesteron > Col des Ferres (598m) > Bézaudun > Col de Vence (963m) > Vence.

 Stage n°6 (15000D+; 7000D+; 2000D+)

Date: Saturday, June 13rd

Nice – Allianz Riviera > Nice – Allianz Riviera

Distance: 121 km / Altitude: 2 679m D+

Route / Sporting difficulties: Allianz Riviera > Colomars > Aspremont > Levens > ascent of the Duranus (508m) > Lantosque > Col de la Porte (1 057m) > Col Saint-Roch (991m) > Châteauneuf > Col de Châteauneuf (627m) > Aspremont (course neutralisée) > Colomars > Allianz Riviera.

Stage n°7 (15000D+; 7000D+; 2000D+)

Date: Sunday, June 14th

Nice – Promenade > Nice – Promenade – Time trial

Distance: 24,2 km / Altitude: 80m D+

If you have any questions regarding the race, please, contact us at sales@nickes.com




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