Time for the Stanley Cup final

Out of 30 world’s best hockey teams only two left – Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks. On the 3d of June is going to be Stanley Cup Final and everything indicates that final series will be a lifetime memory.

Both Tampa Bay and Chicago are full of great offensive and defensive players. They are absolutely complete teams. It might be a little short of time to travel and watch final series live but both Chicago and Tampa are two really exciting destinations for autumn, when the NHL starts again.

Tampa is a perfect combination of sunny Florida and world class ice hockey. Its arena is also incredibly modern and nice, great place to experience.

Chicago is the third US largest city after New York and Los Angeles and is a must to visit for all who love to travel to the United States. The city has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. United Center sport arena hosts about 20000 spectators and is a huge venue. In fact, it is the largest arena with the highest audience average; it had entire 21,769 spectators on average during regular season games at home.

Tampa is also doing well with the audience. It had an average of 18,823 spectators during home games, which is the ninth best result in the league. To compare, the second largest team from Florida, Florida Panthers, takes the last place by attendance, having 11 265 spectators.

We are happy to assist you with NHL travel packages to Chicago or Tampa Bay. Contact us and we will help you with your trip as soon as the schedule for next season is released.

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