Sunshine, Palm Trees and Ice Hockey

They say that it never rains in southern California. An exaggeration perhaps but between the period May to December you are unlikely to see more than a few rain drops. Sunshine, palm trees and long beaches are what most people normally associate with California and Los Angeles. For us ice hockey fanatics there is plenty more to enjoy however.

Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup in both 2012 and 2014. In addition, there is San Jose Sharks in northern California. A team that admittedly have been in decline recently but they won their division four seasons in a row between 2007-2011.

With three exciting teams in the same state, there are plenty of opportunities to experience a number of top class NHL games over a short space of time in California.

Anaheim’s Honda Center Arena is located in southeastern Los Angeles in the Anaheim area just blocks away from Disneyland. Los Angeles Kings plays in the Staples Center, located in downtown below the Griffith Observatory.

Kings play their first home game of the season on 7th October and Anaheim the 12th .

In October you can see the following matches for example:

Monday 12 October, Anaheim – Vancouver
Tuesday 13 October, the LA Kings – Vancouver
Wednesday 14 October, Anaheim – Arizona
Friday 16 October, the LA Kings – Minnesota and Anaheim – Colorado

For trips a little later, the following games are recommended:

Friday, November 27: Anaheim – Chicago
Saturday, Nov. 28: LA Kings – Chicago
Monday, November 30: Anaheim – Vancouver
Tuesday, December 1: LA Kings – Vancouver
Wednesday, December 2: Anaheim – Tampa Bay
Friday, December 4: Anaheim – San Jose

Would you like to experience some classic teams from the Eastern Conference? Then you should visit Los Angeles in January:

Wednesday, January 6: Anaheim – Toronto
Thursday, January 7: LA Kings – Toronto
Friday, January 8: Anaheim – St. Louis
Saturday, January 9: LA Kings – St. Louis
Sunday, January 10: Anaheim – Detroit
Monday, Jan. 11: LA Kings – Detroit

 All NHL Games: here
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