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Top Ten Biggest Club Stadiums

We know Europe is blessed with many huge football stadiums – but can you name the ten with the largest capacities?

Don’t worry, we have come to the rescue and compiled the official Top Ten for you.

We are sure there are some among them you would love to visit for a match!

1.         Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain: 99,000

Barcelona Camp Nou stadium

The Camp Nou is an awesome place to watch a football match. It’s Europe’s biggest sporting venue. 99,000 people can gather to see arguably the world’s best supported team take to the field and play the type of football they are famous for. When you are watching the likes of Messi & Co play week in, week out, it’s going to be special anyway but it is somehow fitting that they’re on the biggest stage possible.

A redevelopment, due to be completed by 2021, will see all the Camp Nou fans covered in the stands at last, and capacity increased to a huge 105,000.

Right now it is a vast concrete bowl and on a sunny Spanish afternoon it is a glorious place for football. Bring your sun tan lotion. The words written across the seats read ‘Més que un club’ – More than a club, reflecting the team’s importance to Catalonia. This is more than a stadium too.

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2.         Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund, Germany: 81,360

Borussia Dortmund Signalidunapark

Dortmund’s famous Südtribüne, or south terrace, has become famous the world over. Even if you are not among the 24,500 who pack Europe’s largest terrace every home game, then simply taking in the view is worth a visit alone.

The Westfalenstadion, to give the official name, was rebuilt in time for the 2006 World Cup –  this saw the corners filled in and the capacity increased to more than 80,000. It has led the way in the rise of Bundesliga attendances, and the stadium is packed for every single match – there are more than 55,000 season ticket holders alone. It means Borussia Dortmund, in a modest sized city, have the biggest attendances in Europe, year in, year out.

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3.         Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid, Spain: 81,044

Santiago Bernabéu

The mighty Santiago Bernabéu is a venue worthy of housing the 11 times European Cup winners Real Madrid. Where Camp Nou has wide open stands, the Bernabéu is more similar to a colosseum. The stands bear up steeply from the pitch, so even from the upper tier you feel on top of the action. It has been steadily developed over the past 30 years, investment seeing the stadium growing in height, converting to all seating and being totally covered. Indeed there are even heaters in the roof to keep you warm on a ‘chilly’ Spanish evening.

A game at the Bernabéu is one of the few places where it always feels like a special occasion. Remember to pop in to the Irish Rover pub nearby for a pre-match drink!

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4.         San Siro, Milan, Italy: 80,018

San Siro stadium

Milan can also claim to have one of the grandest, and most iconic, football stadiums on earth. The official website labels it rather grandly as ‘the greatest temple of international soccer’.

From a distance it looks like a giant Meccano model. The flat roof is held above the gigantic tiers thanks to a clutch of cylindrical towers that encircle the stadium.

The San Siro – or to give it its official name Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, after a famous Milanese player – enjoyed its last major renovation for the 1990 World Cup finals, adding a third tier to three of the sides.

For a big game here, maybe the derby or a big European night, there are few finer places in which to watch a football match.

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5.         Old Trafford, Manchester, England: 75,643

Old Trafford stadium

The home of Manchester United is the largest stadium in the English Premier League. Titled the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, it has been extensively rebuilt in the last 20 years with giant upper tiers added to three sides of the ground. Two of the stands are now named after their most iconic figures – Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton.

The huge attraction of Manchester United means the stadium is packed every week, bringing together fans from across Manchester, throughout the UK and from around the world. Every home match is a special occasion here and the arrival of José Mourinho and Zlatan Ibrahimović have only increased the excitement.

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6.         Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany: 75,000

Allianz arena

When the 2006 World Cup kicked off in Germany at the Allianz Arena you just knew the tournament was going to be an amazing experience.

The Allianz is iconic, striking and worth a visit. It earns plaudits from the moment you step off the metro station and, a 15 minutes’ walk away, you see something which could have landed from outer space! The cylindrical design is even more spectacular at night, when it takes on different colours depending on whether Bayern, fellow tenants 1860 of the second division, or the national team are in town.

Bayern, or FC Hollywood to give you their German name earned through their star-studded squad, win virtually every game here.

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7.         Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany: 74,064

Olympic stadium Athens

The Olympiastadion in Berlin is steeped in history. It transcends football, indeed it goes far beyond sport. Built by the Nazis for the 1936 Olympics as a statement to the world, this was the venue that saw the black Jesse Owens race to gold.

Then for nearly 30 years it was Hertha Berlin’s home as they remained isolated from the rest of West Germany in the divided city. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 there was much discussion as to what to do with this stadium – but the decision was made to retain and revamp it, and they’ve done it in style.

It was the venue for the World Cup final in 2006 and was renovated ahead of it. It’s an all seater, with a gigantic lower tier leading down to the oval running track, coloured blue for Hertha, and pitch.

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8.         Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy: 72,698

Stadio Olimpico

Another Olympic Stadium makes it into the Top Ten, and this time it was the one that hosted the 1960 Rome Olympics. These days it is the host of both Roma and Lazio, although not for too much longer as Roma have plans advanced for a brand new stadium.

It’s a big bowl complete with athletics track, and for big games can generate an electric atmosphere. It hosted the 1990 World Cup final and also four European Cup finals.

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9.         NSC Olimpiyskiy, Kyiv, Ukraine: 70,050

Olympic stadium Kyiv

With Russia’s Luzhniki Stadium currently under reconstruction ahead of the 2018 World Cup, the biggest stadium in eastern Europe is found in the Ukrainian capital.

First opened in 1923, it was redeveloped, complete with a new roof, in time for the 2012 European Championships, and it had the honour of hosting the final. Dynamo Kyiv have played some of their bigger games here.

The venue has been proudly chosen to host the 2018 UEFA Champions League final.

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10.       Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece: 69,618

Olympic stadium Athens

The home of AEK Athens is part of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex and named after the first modern Olympic marathon race winner, Spyros Louis. It was where the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2004 Olympic Games were held, as well as the athletics events and football final.

As well as hosting AEK’s home games it was the venue for the 2007 Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool, and has welcomed some of the world’s biggest music stars including Madonna, U2 and Bon Jovi.

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