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Watching AC Milan at the San Siro – review

Our dream trip to see AC Milan

Billy Cobby-Mays and his father Dave booked a dream trip to the San Siro in Milan with Nickes.Com.

They stayed three nights in the centre of the beautiful Italian city, soaked up the culture and took in a Serie A clash between the legendary AC Milan and Torino. Read Billy’s report of the trip below.

Book your trip to Milan and the San Siro at great prices with Nickes.Com!

In November myself and my father decided to contact Nickes.Com and book a weekend away to the city of Milan Since I was a young child it had always been a dream of mine to visit Italy. Towards the backend of November, I turned 21 years old and this seemed a fitting time to turn that pipe dream into a reality.

Another goal of ours, which had been discussed for many years previously, was to go see the famous red and black of AC Milan at the San Siro. As planning began to book this birthday city break we knew of only one company to book with that included both the package of football tickets and accommodation and that was with Nickes.Com. The time had been booked off work, tickets and accommodation acquired and suddenly the end of autumn was upon us.

We drove from our home town of Hull to Manchester Airport and boarded a Ryanair flight to Milan airport. When arriving in Italy we made our way through the airport to the connecting bus which took an hour to get us to the centre of Milan. The travel itself was seamless despite the early hiccup back in Manchester when my Dad decided to take a diversion leaving us approximately ten minutes to get to our gate, fortunately we made it with time to spare!

Milan city attractions

We decided to book from Friday to Monday, staying in the centre of Milan at the 4-star Adi Doria Grand Hotel in a twin standard room with breakfast included. The cleanliness, style and staff at the hotel were all faultless. The staff were friendly as well as helpful and we would recommend this accommodation for anyone looking to visit Milan. The hotel is conveniently placed for all forms of public transport, restaurants, bars, shopping etc.

The city of Milan is a beautiful place full of class, style and eloquence combined with the hustle and movement of a thriving modern city. The combination of architectural masterclass such as Duomo Cathedral and the extravagant high-street of Monte Napoleone make for a wonderful juxtaposition between modern city life and historical masterpieces.

This combination makes Milan a great place to visit for a European city break. The public transport we used frequently was the Metro line which set us back €18 for a weekend pass, a small price to pay for constant movement through the city of Milan, including a route directly to the San Siro Stadia.

Visiting the San Siro

The San Siro itself is one of the most impressive and iconic football stadiums in world football and it’s safe to say it didn’t disappoint. Upon arrival off the metro we made our way up the stairs to be greeted by the incredible structure. With its winding pillars and expansive nature it really is a sight to behold, as a fan of football I can only describe the moment as romantic.

Due to the fine work of the staff at Nickes.Com we were fortunate enough to be upgraded to the executive lounge, which included free food and beverages at both pre-match and half-time making the experience even more memorable.

Unfortunately, AC Milan aren’t quite the footballing force they used to be when they dominated European football. The game we chose to watch was a mid-table Seria A clash between AC and Torino which ended up a rather lacklustre 0-0 between two cagey teams, the stand out players being Leonardo Bonucci and Gianluigi Donnarumma.

However, as a football fan we were completely aware that the only thing out of our hands during our weekend away was the 90 minutes of football we chose to watch. Everything about the San Siro including the hospitality, service, seating etc. were exemplary, just a shame about the quality of football.

Overall our weekend away to Milan was a huge success, the people, culture, accommodation and hospitality were faultless. Everything from the transport and tickets to the accommodation and executive lounge made our long-awaited trip to Italy a memorable one and we can only thank Nickes.Com for their service.

In the future me and my Dad are certainly considering more European football related trips with Roma and the Stadio Olimpico in mind, as well as the Santiago Bernabéu to see the famous all white of Real Madrid.

Book your trip to Milan and the San Siro at great prices with Nickes.Com!

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